Humanologist wanted


Try describing yourself in one or two words. You can’t do it because you have so many more characteristics.


Even if you have a mental disorder, one label is not enough to determine who you are. Because you are not what you have. To address the shortage of personnel in mental healthcare (GGZ) and break the stigma around mental disorders, we, in collaboration with Café Society, developed the campaign “Mensoloog” (or Humanologist in Engelish) for Arkin. It’s a recruitment campaign for Humanologists; specialists who see the person behind the disorder. Thirteen well-known Dutch personalities are open about their disorders in the campaign. From Wim Kieft discussing what the craving for cocaine does to him, to Filemon Wesselink sharing his doubts about his autism diagnosis. The campaign includes a mix of OOH (Out of Home), online media, consumer and media activations, PR, social media, and a 13-episode podcast series available on Spotify.


“Café Society and Gardeners surprised us during our agency orientation with a well-thought-out strategy and a strong creative idea. It allows us to highlight our eleven different brands and aims to change the stigma associated with ‘crazy’ people.”

— Leonie Fotiadis, Online Marketing Advisor at Arkin

What we did i.s.m Café Society
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4 Dec. 2023

“ Café Society en Gardeners hebben ons tijdens onze bureau-oriëntatie verrast met een goed doordachte strategie en een ijzersterk creatief idee, waarmee we onze elf verschillende merken in de spotlights kunnen zetten en waarmee we het stigma van ‘gekke’ mensen willen veranderen.”
— Leonie Fotiadis online marketing-adviseur van Arkin