Treasure hunting at Marktplaats

Marktplaats is celebrating its 20th anniversary with both loyal and new users.

Based on the insight that Marktplaats has been the largest treasure trove in the Netherlands for 20 years, we decided to launch a large-scale search campaign: Treasure Hunting on Marktplaats. We asked several celebrities and influencers to hide a treasure from their own belongings among the listings on Marktplaats. With hints on their own channels, the treasure hunters got closer and closer to finding the treasure. Radio 538 also joined the action with a treasure hunt game in the morning show hosted by Frank Dane. From a Fiat 500 to an electric scooter, a rocking horse, to a ride in a BMW M850i Cabrio… all treasures were discovered. This allowed us to celebrate Marktplaats’ 20th anniversary with all of the Netherlands.

What we did
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5 Dec. 2023