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Well, how nice that you want to work with us. Or at least want to know a bit more about it. A brief overview of what we do? From the best spot in Amsterdam, the Vondelkerk, we've been creating and producing newsworthy campaigns, sympathetic activations, social media campaigns, events, and PR stunts that bring a smile to people's faces. Something worth sharing. For the past few years, we've also been developing brand & impact strategies, brand identities, and marketing strategies.

We help the good in brands grow, and we love doing it for brands that deserve attention. Like the inspiration platforms and, but also Natuurhuisje, KLABU, and Gulpener. And… more fun new clients keep coming in.

Enough about us because this call is, of course, about you. If you want to work here, experience in advertising or PR is handy, but it could also be something you aspire to. A true Gardener has a why-not? mentality, always sees opportunities, is creative, and chooses to do good. Making a positive impact on the world is what you want. We are a creative agency where good things grow, and that applies to our people too; there are always opportunities for growth for everyone working with us.

You master the Dutch and English language. You like to stay informed about the latest trends in fashion, lifestyle, interior, art, and food (or a few of those things). In short, you know what’s happening or how to get that information – online, but also in magazines. You effortlessly combine hearty laughter with hard work. You find joy in what we stand for. It could be bringing a smile or finding a solution to a societal problem. If you don’t have exactly the experience but think you fit with Gardeners, send us an email. We are also curious about talents the world doesn’t know about yet.

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