Natuurhuisje launches a new brand strategy and brand identity with a nationwide campaign

Reads 19 Jan. 2023

The strategic and creative collaboration between Natuurhuisje and Gardeners flourishes, resulting in an international brand campaign based on an activist statement: Don't fly, but land.

Natuurhuisje understands better than anyone that nature has many benefits for humans—both mentally and physically—and for the planet. The longer you stay, the better it is for you. Nature is something important to protect.

Building on this idea, Gardeners developed a brand & impact strategy, brand identity, and brand campaign for Natuurhuisje, which can be locally implemented for international markets. The new tagline takes center stage in the strategy: Nature opens your eyes. It proves that you can wake up wonderfully rested in nature and that nature has the power to wake you up to see the world differently.

In addition, Natuurhuisje donates a portion of each booking to local biodiversity initiatives to protect precious nature. Natuurhuisje aims to restore the balance between humans and nature, inviting people to enjoy nature. “You protect what you love. The impact Natuurhuisje wants to make was anchored in the brand by Gardeners,” says Dick Vulto, CEO at Natuurhuisje. “Through the pleasant collaboration and co-creation approach of Gardeners, we captured the essence of our brand and implemented it impactfully in all communication, internally and externally.”

Maira Evers, Managing Director Gardeners, adds, “We believe that strong impactful brands are built from within, which is why we work closely with our clients in all strategy and creative processes. The love for nature – so important to all Natuurhuisje employees – was a touchstone for us in developing the tagline, the new logo, the color palette, and the campaign.”

The new brand identity is inspired by the colors of the sunrise, with veins as a recognizable pattern in the logo:

Throughout 2023, Gardeners will also continue the development of Natuurhuisje’s content strategy to build a strong and recognizable brand in the coming years.


Client: Nienke Sterenborg, Robert van Veen, and Dick Vulto
Strategy, creation, design, production: Gardeners
Production company: Chev Productions
Music & VO: Earforce and Peter Drost
Photography: Tom van Huisstede
Media agency: Out of Home Masters