It's a simple choice for us to just do the good thing.

Step into our headquarters, and most will say they can feel it. A certain energy that we share. What connects us is that we all believe the world becomes more inclusive and a whole lot more enjoyable when we choose the positive path more often. We don't believe in quick wins, except for those small moments of happiness. And we share the same "why not" mentality that makes the impossible always possible.

This is who we are

Our tagline is: Where good things grow. By 'good things' we mean everything that adds something positive to life and the world. To sustainably nurture all the beauty, we believe it's important that our work contributes to that.



This mentality ensures that we always think in terms of possibilities.


Share good things

We choose to emphasize the good, after all, that's where good things grow!


Change it

We're not afraid of it. Without change, we remain stagnant. There's always a way.


Long-term growth

With the exception of brief moments of happiness, we don't believe in quick wins.

You'll be amazed

Our office is located in a church. It is designed to be as open as possible, in line with our working atmosphere. The spaces are separated with glass, and we always have our healthy vegetarian lunches together downstairs at large round tables. The nave of the Vondelkerk is often rented out for weddings, corporate parties and lectures. Every first of the month we organise a free yoga session for all Gardeners to enjoy.

Our doors are always open to talent. If you don’t see a job vacancy that suits you but you think you fit with Gardeners, please send us an open application.

Do good pledge

I choose to only let good things grow,
And challenge the status quo.

It can be small and simple, or larger than life,
To create space for us, and the world to thrive.

I zoom out to see the bigger picture,
To see what makes life truly richer.

I refuse to sign a deal with the devil,
So our shared efforts reach a higher level.

I change the world by example, not by opinion,
Regardless of my invented position.

I take care of our big backyard,
In which we all so beautifully take part.

So if there’s one thing to be fully understood:
I solemnly swear that I’m up to do good.