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Launch Green Gallery

When it comes to inspiration, you shouldn’t just talk about it, you have to demonstrate it.


An oldie but still a beautiful case, in our opinion. We launched the high-end online magazine “The Green Gallery,” which celebrates both the beauty and transience of nature. To bring the magazine to life, we transformed the famous gallery beneath the Rijksmuseum into a real offline Green Gallery for one night. International press and online influencers got to experience all the creative possibilities with flowers and plants, just as the magazine itself does. At the end of the evening, when The Green Gallery disappeared from the material world, the online magazine was released at This case earned us a Bronze Esprix in the Product Launch category.


“Amidst other product launches, the campaign for The Green Gallery stands out. It looks creative and has a distinctive execution. This is important because the success of a campaign depends on its execution. Bloemenbureau Holland’s online magazine genuinely invites reading. To attract online subscribers, they actively engaged with online influencers. Through them, Bloemenbureau aimed to make an impression on a young, critical, and trendy audience. The intended number of subscribers has been exceeded generously.”

— Jacqueline Smit, Chair of the Jury at the 2015 Esprix Awards

What we did
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5 Dec. 2023

“ Te midden van andere productlanceringen blijft de campagne voor The Green Gallery echt hangen. Creatief ziet het er fraai uit. De executie is bijzonder. Dat is belangrijk, want een campagne staat of valt bij een goede executie. Het online magazine van Bloemenbureau Holland nodigt echt uit tot lezen. Om online abonnees te werven is actief gestuurd op online influencers. Via hen wil het Bloemenbureau op het netvlies komen van een jonge, kritische en trendy doelgroep. Het beoogde aantal abonnees is royaal overschreden.”
— Jacqueline Smit Juryvoorzitter Esprix 2015