Everything for your attention


Everyone is different, and that’s perfectly fine. Mindmentor provides a comprehensive solution for children with attention issues, whether you have ADHD or not.


Mindmentor’s mission is to restore self-confidence to every child with attention problems. They achieve this with a talent-focused approach, avoiding mere labeling and ensuring that everything necessary is available under one roof. Personal assistance in a homely setting at the Mindmentor clinic is combined with an online platform, Mindmentor Campus, where you can take training courses at your own pace. Mindmentor will open its doors in September 2023.


For founders Robin and Esther, Gardeners developed the brand identity, tone of voice, and a website. The design emphasizes brand values that are accessible, fresh, inclusive, and positive. The logo symbolizes a head full of ideas, a tangle of opportunities, dreams, ideas, and thoughts that you can unravel, or not… because life is not linear. Together, we build the self-confidence of all children and address associated issues.


Mindmentor took part in the Gardeners Grow program for startups and scale-ups, where we support emerging or scaling ‘doing good’ organizations with brand fundamentals in the areas of strategy, design, and creativity

What we did
  • Design
  • Strategie
  • Concept
5 Dec. 2023