Reduce emissions - reward farmers


Trees are the most advanced technology we have in our fight against climate change. However, deforestation continues at an alarmingly high rate.


Climate tech start-up Carble has developed a technology to combat deforestation in the tropical rainforest. Companies that purchase tropical products grown in the rainforest (such as coffee beans, cocoa, mangoes, bananas) can accurately measure carbon emissions in their supply chain with Carble and reward farmers when no deforestation has occurred. Carble combines data from farmers with satellite data and machine learning, making it applicable on a large scale.


Founders Sander, Noura, and Lodewijk turned to Gardeners to give their smart and impactful tech solution a face and help them pitch their proposition concisely and powerfully. We developed a brand strategy in which Carble’s positive impact is anchored and a distinctive brand identity with a tone of voice and a pitch deck, enabling Carble to successfully close its second investment round.


Carble took part in the Gardeners Grow program for startups and scale-ups, where we support emerging or scaling ‘doing good’ organizations with brand fundamentals in the areas of strategy, design, and creativity.

What we did
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5 Dec. 2023