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Driscoll’s berries are fundamentally different from other berries. For over 100 years, Driscoll’s has developed unique patented berry varieties that, through natural cross-pollination, are the juiciest, sweetest, and crunchiest of their kind. But how do you stand out in a market dominated by private labels, and how do you convince consumers that one berry is not like the other?


Based on the insight that Driscoll’s berries, with their explosion of flavor, make every moment of the day extra special, the concept emerged to link the unique taste characteristics of each berry to emotions and feelings in life that can always be greater, more beautiful, and better. Driscoll’s strawberries are so juicy that they ignite passion, and the raspberries are so sweet that you spontaneously fall in love. This chosen concept was further developed and produced into a campaign that can be seen through retail, outdoor, and online, starting with four different videos, each featuring a different berry. The setting: a dreamy and quirky berry field where anything is possible. The chosen style is vibrant and quirky because the berries are sweet enough on their own.


“We hope that with this campaign and collaboration, we can add even more depth to our rich brand story. Gardeners’ passion to work for brands that want to do the right thing in terms of sustainability resonated with us, especially since this is also a major theme for us.”

— Marieke Appel

Marketing & Category Manager Driscoll’s EMEA”


What we did
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4 Dec. 2023