Your tap is my tap


Say no to disposable plastic, so we can take care of our oceans together.


In the Netherlands, we consume about 400 million liters of bottled water per year. Meanwhile, every street has dozens of refreshing taps waiting for your refillable water bottle. What a waste. That’s why we launched ‘Your tap is my tap’ for Dopper: a PR campaign in which we encouraged people to share their tap on World Water Day (March 22) with passersby, and ideally, for much longer. The ‘Your tap is my tap’ poster could be easily downloaded from the Dopper website and was available as a tear-out page in the NRC newspaper. With the help of sustainable influencers and a social campaign, the poster raised awareness of the problem. We developed the concept, materials, and PR, which ultimately resulted in over 200 ordered and downloaded posters, 8 online publications, and social stories from enthusiasts like Bartsboekje, Thomas Nelissen, and others who appreciated the initiative. And the action doesn’t end on World Water Day; we continue to take care of our oceans by saying no to disposable plastic.

What we did
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4 Dec. 2023