Polestar X Stedelijk Museum

Opening We Harvest Wind


About how design can offer sustainable solutions for the future.


Together with Polestar, we launched the interactive installation ‘We Harvest Wind’ by Thijs Biersteker, as part of the multi-year partnership with the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. This impressive work invites people to discuss the importance of renewable energy and experience its power firsthand. Energy must become sustainable, and Biersteker shows (and lets you feel) with ‘We Harvest Wind’ that we have the power to make this transition ourselves. The installation was inspired by the publication of Polestar’s Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) report, in which the brand is transparent about the sustainability of the entire production process of the new Polestar 2. It concludes that an electric vehicle only becomes truly sustainable when it is also charged with green energy. This is often not the case yet, but most consumers are unaware of it. It’s an important conversation that needs to take place, and a good reason for Polestar and Thijs Biersteker to create a work about wind. Thijs Biersteker’s installation is part of a broader awareness campaign that Polestar has about green energy.

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4 Dec. 2023