Vogelbescherming Nederland + partners

The Wadden. For free-spirited birds. And people.


An awareness campaign targeting residents and visitors in the Wadden Sea area focused on providing peace for birds.


The Wadden Sea area is one of the most popular holiday destinations in our country. However, it is also the habitat of millions of birds. During the autumn migration, which is currently in full swing, birds come to the Wadden Sea to rest and refuel. Unfortunately, birds are often, unintentionally, disturbed by recreational activities. To inform and raise awareness among people in the Wadden Sea area about the crucial importance of peace and space for wader birds, we, along with the Vogelbescherming (Bird Protection) and 8 other nature organizations, developed an awareness campaign for the next 3 years. Based on the insight that the Wadden Sea area primarily belongs to birds and that we, humans, are guests there, the campaign was born: ‘De Wadden. For free birds. And people.’ Visitors and island residents are approached through geotargeting and thanked in advance for considering the birds. With messages like: ‘Welcome! Thanks for not giving the Brent Geese a rough week’ and ‘How nice that you don’t make the Redshanks go crazy’ and ‘Thanks for keeping it pleasant for the Grey Plovers too.’ In addition to online resources, out-of-home (OOH) advertising has also been used. A PR campaign ensures that the media is reached both regionally and nationally.

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4 Dec. 2023