KLABU x Paris Saint Germain


Sportswear brand with a mission.


Sport brand KLABU and the French football club Paris Saint-Germain launched a limited edition collection of 80 sports shirts, exclusively sold in the KLABU store in Amsterdam. It was the first time a sports club partnered with KLABU to establish sports centers in a refugee camp. There are 80 million people worldwide fleeing from war, violence, or persecution. Each numbered shirt represents 1 million people who deserve a better life. Our task was to create buzz and PR around the collaboration between Paris Saint-Germain and KLABU and the sports shirt. Additionally, we aimed to generate excitement for the KLABU store opening on Haarlemmerdijk. A wild-poster campaign provided significant visibility and generated a buzz around the brand in Amsterdam. We didn’t stop at postering; a B2B and B2C PR strategy led to excellent publications regarding KLABU’s mission, including features in Parool, AD, Trouw, 19 online publications, and a Q-Music segment. In addition to this, notable Dutch ambassadors such as Ryan Babel, Chantal Janzen, Gregory van der Wiel, Jefferson Osei, Anna Nooshin, Jarreau Vandal, and Kalvijn have joined KLABU.

What we did
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4 Dec. 2023