Subway Nederland

Applying with emojis via WhatsApp


Easy job applications through WhatsApp. With the help of emojis 🥖💼💥.


Subway was looking for new employees, many of them young, for various positions in all their locations in the Netherlands. This required a different approach than the traditional cover letter and interview rounds. We introduced a WhatsApp number where young individuals could send their personal ‘Sub’ in emojis. Using this method, they could effectively showcase their personal qualities and character traits. The ‘Sub’ refers to Subway’s iconic sandwich, so each personal Sub started with a bread emoji 🥖, and then they filled it with their qualities: for example, the 🌶️ represented spiciness, the 🥚 symbolized diligence, and the 🥕 represented a sharp eye. After that, based on their personal ‘Sub,’ they were invited to create their own Sub with fresh ingredients in the restaurant, allowing them to get to know their future colleagues and demonstrate their skills as potential Sandwich Artists.

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4 Dec. 2023