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Flowers and Plants Bike Drive-thru


In times of distance, we fill the gap with beauty.


The COVID-19 crisis has led to increased physical and emotional distance between people. That’s why we launched the Flowers and Plants Bike Drive-thru for and For a week, you could pick up a best buddy bouquet or a girls’ night out plant on your bike. You would ride through the drive-thru, choose your flowers or plant, pay with a social share, and continue on your bike to surprise someone with a bouquet or plant. Because flowers and plants bring joy and comfort in difficult times. In addition to consumers, journalists, influencers, and Dutch celebrities also flocked to the drive-thru. This activation not only brought a lot of joy to everyone but also resulted in significant positive media coverage in newspapers, online magazines and platforms, social media, and radio and TV. This newsworthy consumer activation aligned with the Fill the Distance with Beauty campaign by and

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4 Dec. 2023