Plant Bathing Studio


Houseplants are not only beautiful accessories in interior design, but they also have numerous positive effects on our well-being.


To make this information appealing for interior and lifestyle media to write about, we opened the world’s first Plant Bathing Studio in the heart of Amsterdam. Inspired by the calming trend of ‘Forest Bathing’ from Japan, journalists had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a space filled with houseplants from top to bottom for a week, in order to experience the positive effects that houseplants have on our well-being. The Plant Bathing Studio quickly became the talk of the town, with rows of journalists and influencers waiting at the door to engage in plant bathing. They wrote extensively about it, and most importantly, 97.8% of all publications focused on the positive effects of houseplants. Mission accomplished.

What we did
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4 Dec. 2023