The Good Roll

Pim & Pom toiletpaper


Going to the bathroom has never been more fun.


Through the eyes of a child, going to the bathroom can be quite exciting. What if you fall into the toilet? And where does that poop actually go? Many children have toilet anxiety, which can sometimes lead to significant problems, with children holding it in for up to 6.5 hours. To help children (and parents), we developed Pim & Pom toilet paper featuring illustrations by Fiep Westendorp. The illustrations distract and turn the bathroom visit into something enjoyable. Plus, after using the bathroom, the wrappers can be colored. A nice reward! We developed the concept, the product, the launch, and the PR for this limited edition Pim & Pom toilet paper, exclusively available at selected Jumbo supermarkets.

What we did
  • Pr
  • Concept
  • Salesactivatie
4 Dec. 2023