Bloemenbureau Holland / Flower Council Holland

Green Mayors


From gray to green.


More green in the neighborhood is something we all desire, but in practice, it’s often not realized by ourselves. Especially in this digital, individualistic era, people find it challenging to take action together with their neighbors. In short, they need a little help. From whom? From a Green Mayor, of course.


Every city and every village has a mayor. Some cities even have children’s mayors or night mayors. So, why not a Green Mayor?! From suggesting new ideas to actually greening streets, the tasks of a Green Mayor are diverse. A new Green Mayor is appointed every year.


Our first green spokesperson was quickly chosen: artist Dio had the honor of kickstarting the initiative and greening Orteliusstraat. With his music, he already proves that he can bring people together in these crazy times. Add to that his love for nature and passion for sustainability, and you understand why he is the perfect person to encourage fellow Amsterdammers to green their streets. The following year, actress and podcast maker Isa Hoes took the lead. With her infectious enthusiasm, extensive network, and tremendous drive, she is the perfect candidate to further promote greening. In 2023, Sanne Vogel took over the reins, focusing on biodiversity and connection, two key aspects that go hand in hand with a greener environment.


Appointing a Green Mayor was a success, well-received from the press to stakeholders and in the green sector.

What we did
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4 Dec. 2023