Amnesty International

Write for Rights


Write a letter. Change a life.


For the tenth consecutive year, tens of thousands of Dutch letter-writers demand, on December 10th – International Human Rights Day – that human rights be respected through Amnesty International’s annual Write for Rights campaign. In letters to heads of state, ministers, and prosecutors, they seek justice for people who are wrongly imprisoned, for instance, because they expressed their opinions or took part in a demonstration.


Our task was to create more visibility for this much-needed campaign. We developed a radio campaign in which success stories from previous years’ actions are heard, followed by a quote from the activist who was the subject of the action. By literally giving these people a voice, individuals feel more engaged with the action, and hopefully, they are more willing to write a letter. We also created a walking mailbox to promote the action for three days to RTV, lifestyle media, and influencers. This resulted in a total of 24 publications with a potential reach of over 4.2 million, enabling us to encourage even more people to participate in the action and write a letter.

What we did
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4 Dec. 2023