Babyfood taken seriously


Meals and purees in jars that have a longer shelf life than your child’s age. That’s how we’re feeding our babies and kids these days. This is where the German start-up Chewsome comes in to make a change.


By providing healthy, veggie-first solid food to babies and young children, a child’s development improves. Solid food (also known as ‘baby-led weaning’) is better for speech development, hand-eye coordination, and a child learns to indicate how much they want to eat by picking up the food themselves. Chewsome makes it easy for young parents with a subscription solution offering fresh frozen meals, taking the stress out of healthy eating for your kids and making mealtime fun again. Awesome little humans, we take you seriously!


Founders Vicky and Tina approached Gardeners to give a name, face, and voice to their plans. We developed a brand strategy, brand name, and brand identity with a tone of voice and packaging designs for this promising start-up launching in Germany in the fall of 2023 and then conquering the rest of Europe. Chewsome took part in the Gardeners Grow program for startups and scale-ups, where we support starting or scaling ‘doing good’ organizations with brand fundamentals in terms of strategy, design, and creation.


This is how we help Chewsome feed the youngest ones and let them grow up healthy. As you undoubtedly understand, we are incredibly happy and proud of the birth of this beautiful brand. It’s also a bit of our baby 😉

What we did
  • Strategie
  • Brand Identity
  • Concept
  • Productie
  • Campagne
  • PR
5 Dec. 2023