KLABU x Kamp Seedorf


KLABU humanizes refugees on World Refugee Day

Currently, there are over 110 million people worldwide displaced from their homes. This number is vast and overwhelming, yet it still pertains to individuals with dreams, just like you and me. KLABU empowers these newcomers through the power of sport. By closely collaborating with refugees and local communities worldwide, KLABU builds their own clubhouses that serve as hubs for sports, games, entrepreneurship, good health, and education. Through this initiative, KLABU supports refugees on their journey towards a better and secure future.


With a humane approach, KLABU aimed to draw attention to the individuals behind the refugee crisis on World Refugee Day, highlighting their talents and potential. Together, we developed the idea to immortalize refugees through the artistry of Kamp Seedorf, an anonymous collective known for its strong connection to sports and its reputation for immortalizing (sports) heroes, much like KLABU.


In a series of five murals, we see Yaman, Emile, Ahmed, Mo, Atia, and Hares from Syria, Burundi, Egypt, Guinea, Bangladesh, and Myanmar. Each mural symbolizes one of KLABU’s five clubhouses in refugee camps in Ter Apel, Cox’s Bazar (Bangladesh), Kalobeyei (Kenya), and Lesbos (Greece), and in KLABU’s home base in Amsterdam. The inspiring stories of each individual were shared through social media and the press

6 Dec. 2023