Natuurhuisje / Nature House

We don't fly, but we do land


Indulging shamelessly in a vacation is only possible with Natuurhuisje.


As we become more conscious, the feeling of guilt associated with ‘going on vacation’ is starting to gnaw at us more often. Fortunately, that’s not the case with Natuurhuisje. From this insight emerged the big idea: shamelessly enjoy your vacation at Natuurhuisje. Because you’re not flying, you’re giving back to nature, and you’re immersing yourself in nature where you can be who you truly are in complete freedom.


In the first campaign, where we also launched the branding and tagline we developed, we immediately woke people up with one powerful line: in Dutch: Niet vliegen, wel landen’. This means you don’t have to fly to your holiday destination to land and experience that relaxing holiday vibe. With this, we showed that you don’t have to go far to have your eyes opened by the beautiful nature.


This statement came to life on radio, online, outdoor, and social media, illustrating what the vacation feeling at Natuurhuisje really entails. The feeling is also reflected in the music composed by Gardeners through Earforce. The music, like the identity, is inspired by recognizable natural elements and places you in a sunny wooded environment. The radio commercial was voiced by Peter Drost, also known as the Dutch voice-over of Planet Earth.


In the follow-up campaign, ‘Niet vliegen, wel landen’’ was complemented by new statements like ‘No delay, but slowing down’ and ‘Not online, but connected.’ Emphasized by a documentary photography styl, making you feel like you are part of someone else’s vacation life.

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6 Dec. 2023