Let nature wake you up


A new brand strategy, identity, and campaign to protect what we all deeply cherish.

Nature offers many benefits to humanity, both mentally and physically. The longer you spend in it, the better it is for you. Something important to protect. From the new brand strategy and brand identity, we introduced a new slogan for Natuurhuisje: ‘Nature opens your eyes.’ This slogan makes you realize that you can wake up wonderfully in nature, but nature also has the power to wake you up and see the world differently. Additionally, Natuurhuisje makes an impactful contribution by donating a portion of every booking to local initiatives to protect precious nature.


The new branding went live with a summer campaign, where we conveyed a statement that inspires and encourages people to seek the vacation feeling closer to home: ‘Don’t fly, just land.’ This statement came to life on radio, online, outdoor, and social media, showing what the vacation feeling at Natuurhuisje truly entails.


The brand identity is inspired by the shapes, patterns, and colors found in nature.

What we did
  • Strategie
  • Brand Identity
  • Concept
  • Productie
  • Campagne
  • PR
4 Dec. 2023