Gaiyo. One key for all mobility


Gaiyo, which translates to ‘overview’ in Japanese, is the ultimate app that consolidates all your mobility options into one, catering to the needs of busy urban centers. Gaiyo is changing the way people navigate cities, offering a smarter, conscious, and sustainable approach to mobility. Say goodbye to juggling multiple apps – Gaiyo provides a single key to access a comprehensive overview of all available sharing options, no matter where you are or who you are.


From shared cars to scooters, bicycles, buses, metros, and trains, Gaiyo is on a mission to make cities greener and cleaner, enabling users to move efficiently and swiftly within the urban landscape. Our visual identity reflects this by seamlessly merging the concept of motion with architectural typography, resulting in a bold, energetic, and outspoken look and feel. The logo’s design extends the edges, conveying an infinite sensation symbolizing progress towards the future. With Gaiyo, you can keep moving forward indefinitely. 


Through partnerships with companies like NS, Check, Bolt, Cargoroo, and TIER, Gaiyo is your magic key to all-in-one mobility. We stand by the philosophy of ‘own nothing, but have it all.’ In other words, choose to go green, go clean, go smart, go fast, go free, go now and to ‘Get Going’ with Gaiyo.

6 Dec. 2023