The friendly paint


A new brand strategy and identity to make paints friendlier and safer.

The world of paint is in urgent need of a sustainable makeover; it must become more environmentally friendly and inclusive. We aim for friendlier paint for everyone, meaning eco-friendly, non-toxic paint products with renewable and plant-based materials, and an inclusive perspective on the world. Because the latter is also missing in the paint industry.


Starting with the theme ‘A gaze that brings joy,’ we developed the brand and impact strategy along with the brand identity. We brought the world of color and interior to the paint can, visually translating ‘A gaze that brings joy’ into colorful patterns of open eyes. These symbolize the impact pillars of ‘inclusive perspective’ and ‘gritty positive activism,’ as in the world of paint, you have to sand for good adhesion.


From the development of the brand strategy and identity, we created a refreshing and colorful photography style. We also designed a new look and wrote the copy for the website.


The new branding went live with the campaign ‘All our colors are green,’ demonstrating that painting can be friendlier: plant-based, safe, and inclusive. The campaign inspired the target audience to embrace color and choose fair paint.


  • Strategie
  • Design
  • Branding
6 Dec. 2023